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Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS order in Navata on Español
Pedido Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS
Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS

Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS

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We are ready to create your representation or sales office in Russia or a CIS country (covering all legal, HR and technical aspects). We will begin by assuming that you have already defined the size and nature of your market. With this information, we can begin to determine the structure best suited to your planned business activities in Russia.

The first question you will face is whether to establish a representative office or a subsidiary of your company. Because the representative office is such a popular option with foreign companies, we address it in greater depth in the pages linked to below.

A subsidiary could be an OOO (Limited Liability Company) or a ZAO (Joint Stock Company or Corporation). The most common option is to create an OOO (which is less complex than a ZAO) as a subsidiary that is wholly owned by the parent company. In practice, subsidiaries are most commonly established when a representative office either becomes too large or starts local production. Such subsidiaries may also play a role in tax management. One of the main advantages of subsidiaries is that they bear their own liabilities, thus sheltering the parent company.

Once you have established a presence in Russia, you must maintain accounting records and comply with the tax authorities and other authorities. Outsourcing these functions - at least initially - can benefit you, freeing time and energy that you can focus on the company strategy and your market. The benefits of outsourcing are outlined in greater detail in the Business Support Services section.

Of course, these are only the core components to establishing a legal presence in Russia, and you will probably have many other questions. The information provided below will help answer some of those questions. While we do not directly provide services in most of these areas, we appreciate that they are difficult tasks in a foreign market, so we will address them briefly.
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Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS
Offices open in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS
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