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GOLD KISS whisky liqueur

GOLD KISS whisky liqueur

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España, Toledo
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  • MarcaGOLD KISS
  • TipoWhisky
  • Año2014
  • GOLD KISS whisky liqueur

GOLD KISS whisky liqueur 



Our history thanks to all the whiskeys we sell is pretty special and we are very proud of it .... Tavasa distributed over 30 diferent whiskeys such as the Scottish, Irish, Canadian, American, indu.



Our whiskey collection include from the cherished tradition of the oldest distilleries in Scotland until the whiskey spirits of the current epoch



The whiskey is obtained from the distillation of grains such as wheat, malted barley, rye or corn. This ferment is aged in barrels, traditionally made of wood. Each type has its own particular whiskey manufacturing process, in the case of "blended" includes a mixture of diferent strains of whiskey



By contrast, the single malt whiskey is distilled from a single type of yeast.



The whiskey can be categorized according to their origin, the most recognized are:



Scotch Whisky - Scotland

Canadian Whisky - Canada

American Whiskey - USA

Indian Whisky-India

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GOLD KISS whisky liqueur
GOLD KISS whisky liqueur
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