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We will look at two aspects of communication: communication technology as it stands in Russia today, and the language barrier.


Across Russia, cell phone and internet usage is widespread and growing. When looking for office space, ask which companies currently provide services to the building. High-speed internet access is available via DSL, cable modem, dedicated line or radio. The Internet is not cheap in Russia, so you may want to monitor your usage.

There are several phone service competitors now and it is worth comparing prices if your building has access to several providers. Compare both local rates and long-distance rates to the cities and countries you call the most. Many phone companies block you from using discounted calling card numbers, so if you make a lot of long-distance calls, you should challenge this.

The language barrier

We understand that not everyone is going to take the time to learn Russian. If those in the company with a vested interest in its success do not speak Russian, then you must take steps to reduce your risks. Hire a country manager who is bilingual and can report fully to owners in their native language, or at least in English.

The use of translators and interpreters is something that should be evaluated very carefully; a good manager is not always good at translation or interpreting. If you will be conducting very-high-level negotiations, hire a professional interpreter, since it is more productive for your country manager either to take part in the meeting directly with you or to observe and take notes, but not to act as the interpreter. Otherwise you get a mediocre interpretation and no record even of what might have been misinterpreted. Watch out for interpreters (especially untrained ones) who make their own "interpretations" rather than communicate your words directly. It is not unheard of that an unprofessional interpreter offers as an aside an "opinion" on the subject of discussion! Written translation is somewhat less dangerous, but if it is an important proposal, it is still best to have it translated professionally and then reviewed by your country manager.
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