Banking order in Navata on Español
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Banking order in Navata on Español
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España, Navata
During the registration or accreditation procedure, you will be required to open a bank account. While you may have selected your bank at home based solely on service features or location, in Russia the task is a little more complex.

First, choose a reputable bank. If you do not choose a subsidiary of a foreign bank you are familiar with, then you should limit yourself to a handful of large, established Russian banks. Ask other business people what their banking experiences have been. Once you have narrowed down the list for reliability, you can differentiate based on services offered and level of customer service.

Location is also important, as you will need to work with one branch regularly; you will save a lot of time if the branch is not on the other side of town. Due to a quirk in Russian banking, account operations can often only be made at the branch at which the account was opened. Make sure you also look at electronic banking options as part of the service package you would like from a bank.
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